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Charmed fanfiction chris exhausted

Suddenly the attic door opened and voices began yelling a spell as Leo's eyes were perminatly fixed on Wyatt beating up Chris and trying to tear Chris's body apart. Suddenly Wyatt looked up in surprisement a poof of cloud surrounded him causing him to yell in shock as he disapeared from the attic-gone now but still not yet vanquashed.

Chris seethed as he focused on not losing control both magically and physically - after all it wouldn't take a lot to ensure Leo was unconscious for the next little while an idea that was growing increasingly appealing. "I'm sorry." Leo's question came out as more of a statement as he felt like he needed to apologize for Chris' past. Chris orbed up to the golden gate bridge. No sooner had he finished then his legs gave out and he slumped to the ground. He was so tired. But he couldn't sleep, not yet. There was still demons. Wyatt might still go evil and then he would fail. Every time Chris closed his eyes he saw the dead eyes of everyone he'd ever cared about. Search: His Angel Fanfic. This idea amused me for some reason Summary: When his adoptive mother loses her eyesight, a clueless Jensen takes her to the San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind, an organization meant to empower, train, and educate those with her condition Misha and his angels Smallville Supernatural Teen Wolf White Collar Miscellaneous Fandoms Alles Was Zählt, Arrow, American.

Chris sasid to himself as he walk out of the attic and down the stairs he then stop, Chris felt really dizzy and tired and that he was shrinking(in wich was the truth) he fell off the stairs and bam, it hit the ground. well he came to saw that everthing was bigger,much bigger in fact he was 1/4in tall."oh.s**t>"Chris said.

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Chris was tired of living in the past his mother Piper had thrown him out of the house and not to mention he was no closer to finding out who turned Wyatt evil. Chris hurt emotionally and physically from everything. None of them acted like they liked him at all and that hurt him after all they were his family. Chris and I are going to have a talk.” “A talk?” Chris squeaked. Leo nodded solemnly. “I’d say it’s well past time.” Chris’ eyes darted over to his brothers, silently begging them for help. “Dad,” Wyatt said gently, “Why don’t you come downstairs and help us make lunch. Chris looks tired.”.

Charmed Written by Dauphin "A fanfic of a TV show, this story has enough magic for everyone. One wonders what happens in Dauphins' head?" Diana "It was fun to write and does not follow TG stories, as there is a bit of everything. I suppose this is why some did not like it" Dauphin Charmed My family is famous in the world of magic. The Halliwell sisters were famous for.

Charmed • Xander-Centered • 69 stories • Updated Jun 21. Pairing: Chris Halliwell [3, Jan 17] Pairing: Other [9, Apr 18] Pairing: Paige Matthews [5, Mar 16] Pairing: Piper Halliwell [2, Dec 05] Pairing: Prue Halliwell [1, Aug 10] Charmed > Xander-Centered • Sort: • • • List All 69 Stories • Add Story. Filter by character: Xander Buffy Willow Giles Phoebe Piper Prue Chris Faith.

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